Interferential Therapy

This is a modified low frequency current, so that it is comfortable on introduction to the tissues. Certain frequencies can be selected for specific symptoms or all (sweep) can be selected to have a more general effect.

sciatica diagram.jpg

Pain REliEf - TNS Effect

Frequencies from 2-130Hz stimulate different pain nerve endings via the Pain Gate mechanism and stimulate the direct release of opiates (endorphines)which are our natural pain killers. This treatment can be particularly helpful for sciatica pain or pain after a sprained ankle.

knee effusion.jpg

ankle bruising.jpg

Improving circulation

Frequencies of 10-25Hz stimulate motor nerves which make muscles contract. This muscle contraction improves blood and lymphatic circulation and therefore helps reduce swelling. It is especially effective for a swollen joint like an acute knee capsulitis.


REducing bruising

The above frequencies can be used in combination to increase circulation and therefore reduce bruising and have the TNS effect to assist in pain relief.