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Manual Lymph Drainage...

Lymphoedema is swelling, usually in a limb, due to the Insufficient flow of the lymphatic fluid in the lymphatic system. This can be a a result of surgery for example a mastectomy with the removal of lymph nodes or someone can be predisposed to to it which is called pimary lymphoedema.

MLD is a very gentle, rhythmical, slow and pain free massage used to improve the lymph flow in the lymphatic vessels, when there is lymphoedema swelling after surgical removal of lymph nodes, damage to these nodes or if someone was born with fewer than necessary.

It is not the firm massage of the blood vessel system which is what normal massage consists of and results in a change in the colour of the skin.

The Lymphatic system is our primary defence system against illness as it produces and circulates antibodies, it helps maintain our blood volume by reabsorption of fluid and it provides a circulation of proteins important for tissue and cell repair and growth.